The commissioning process is simple. If possible I like to visit your home and take my own photographs of the sitter, although you are most welcome to supply me with good quality images. I do this, as most people have no time these days to sit for several ocassions-or still, in the case of little children !

Questions to ask....Who or what will be in the portrait? Have you a special spot  in mind for your portrait ? If so, please allow 10 centimetres (4 inches) all around for a frame. I work in watercolours and acrylics, also pencil.
Once all these things have been discussed, I will email you some  pencil sketches, which hopefully reflect the sitter's personality and after discussion with you, I start the finished portrait.

I request a 15%  deposit of the total cost of your portrait when you place your order, with the balance payable on completion. I also offer personalised gift vouchers, where friends anf family might wish to club together for a special keepsake gift. The vouchers are also great for those of you who have left things a bit late.......!

Everyone has many photos and selfies but a portrait is something unique to value and cherish, recording a special moment in time.