I started my own creative journey at Harrow School of Art. I thought I was the luckiest girl alive, given free rein to explore my artist dreams, 

We were very fortunate that we got the opportunity to study sculpture, 3D design, illustration and photography as well as drawing and painting. Drawing was and still is in my opinion the foundation of all good painting.We did a lot of it and it is the 'scaffolding' of any good artwork. It is a discipline that allows you to 'see' much more.

From Harrow School of Art, I was awarded a place at Kingston Polytechnic, now Kingston University, graduating with a degree in graphic design and Illustration, starting my career working in advertising, creating pack designs and storyboards for TV and magazine ads, eventually moving on to IPC magazines. 

I have travelled widely and as a child lived in the Catskill Mountains, Upstate New York, USA , Northern Nigeria, West Africa and latterly the Loire Valley, France.

,I now live in West Berkshire, where I am lucky to be able to enjoy some wonderful rambles in the lovely countryside which are inspiration for a lot of my work.

I successfully run a caricature portraits business, creating amusing pictures for peoples birthdays and milestone events.

I am an exhibiting member of the Reading Guild of Artists

Particularly liking fine detail, I work mainly with pencil, watercolour and acrylics, loving to draw and paint the things closest to my heart...animals, places and people.